"We recently closed a very complex transaction that would not have happened without Stu's guidance. As a former dealer, his knowledge of the industry combined with his attention to detail and general demeanor were key to closing a transaction that had many moving, complicated parts. Stu effectively worked with legal and financial advisors and brought us to a closing in less than two months, a timeframe generally unheard of in the auto industry."

President, DCN Automotive


"I've known Stu for the better part of 30 years and really got to know him well as one of the original Saturn dealers. Stu's commitment to the Saturn way of doing business, his contribution to the overall dealer body, and what he was able to bring to the table meant a lot to all Saturn retailers. Not only does Stu understand our business, he understands the psychology of working with closely held businesses where, at times, family members are involved. My relationship with Stu has truly been an asset to me and I trust him in all areas. He is a man of integrity and always does the right thing. I value the business relationship we have, the personal friendship we have developed, and look forward to working with him for a long time."

Fred Beans, Import/Domestic Dealer



"Stu is low key, detail oriented, and extremely knowledgeable. He keenly guided us through a very complex transaction that was pleasurable and potentially stressful, making it a true Win-Win for all parties. I highly recommend Stu as an expert in his field. He is knowledgeable, well connected and of high integrity. A real pleasure to do business with!"


Adam Barish, Import/Domestic Dealer



"We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have had Stu handle the sale of our dealership. His guidance turned, what could have been a stressful situation, into a smooth transition between the buyer and us. Stu's contacts in the auto industry and his high standard of doing business are why we chose him to facilitate our deal and he exceeded our expectations on every level. I high recommend Stu to any dealer principal that needs objective advice when considering a major move.

Jim Kevil, former Chevrolet Dealer Principal



"I have come to know Stu well over the past six years and value his expertise and opinions. We meet quarterly to review dealership market conditions and discuss the manufacturer/dealership climate. He is also a great sounding board on certain operational issues as he was a dealer for over 30 years. His focus on the smaller dealer is a perspective I appreciate and find useful. His integrity is second to none and I consider him an important part of my long range planning."

Andy Shapiro, Import/Domestic Dealer

"I have known Stu for nearly thirty years and, throughout that time, he has proven himself to be an honest, trustworthy, and dedicated person, consistently and expertly recognizing the needs of all involved in any business transaction. Over these past three decades, Stu and I have completed several dealership buy-sells and each and every one closed without a hitch. His work ethic and attention to detail aided him in being a successful new car dealer for over thirty years, and those same skills will undoubtedly serve his clients well over the coming years."

Michael Salerno, Import/Domestic Dealer