• NJ Coalition of Retailers (NJCAR) active member for 35 years

  • NJ Time Magazine Quality     Dealer Award nominee - 2000

  • Creator of Saturn’s highly successful 3-door coupe

  • Co-founder of Preschool Advantage (Project Acorn), a 501(c) non-profit that provides two years of preschool to 70 children annually; 1,200 since 1994

  • Honored with numerous professional and civic awards

  • Commissioner for the 20,000-acre Morris County Park Commission:  2011-present

  • Sport Car Club of America Club; Competitor 1975-1991;       Member 1975-2014



  Dealer Principal - 12 Franchises

  Managing Partner - 14 Dealerships


  • 2007-2012:  Subaru of Mt. Olive

  • 2009-2011:  Kia of Mt. Olive

  • 1997-2009:  Saturn of Mt. Olive

  • 1994-2009:  Saturn of Livingston

  • 1991-2009:  Saturn of Denville

  • 2005-2006:  Chevy of Morristown

  • 1993-2005:  Saturn of Morristown

  • 1989-2000:  Infiniti of Denville

  • 1989-1991:  Prestige Suzuki

  • 1988-1989:  Prestige Buick

  • 1982-1987:  Clinton Chevrolet

  • 1979-1987:  Clinton Chrysler

  • 1980-1987:  Clinton Dodge

  • 1978-1997:  Clinton Ford


Stu Lasser 

Dealer Broker
Confidential Advisor
Experienced Legal Consultant


Stu purchased his first Ford store in 1978 and, by 1982, owned and operated four dealerships. Over the next 30 years, he was the dealer principal and owner of 14 dealerships representing 12 major brands and was a launch dealer for both Infiniti and Saturn. Stu served on numerous dealer councils and manufacturer committees, and maintains favorable relationships with dealers and manufacturers alike. As a person of integrity, Stu remains enthusiastic about the auto industry and surrounds himself with experienced, well-respected, intelligent colleagues. Relationship building has always been his strong suit and that attribute serves him well in his role as a dealer-broker and confidential advisor.

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