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Objective Thinking

Let’s Be Real.

There are plenty of times when a dealer feels very much alone. Only one person walks in those shoes and that’s the dealer -- but there’s no shortage of "free advice" from loyal friends, business associates, professionals, and family members. All of these personal and professional  connections mean well but few, if any, look at things objectively or have the experience or knowledge in the automotive industry to offer a truly viable solution. Their input is often speculative and emotional. So, at the end of the day, to whom can a dealer turn for objective advice? With 35+ years as a dealer principal and managing partner, Stu Lasser is that resource.


As a knowledgeable hands-on dealer principal who made the successful decision to exit the retail automobile business, Stu is now using his practical experience in the newly formed Lasser Advisory Services (LAS). By providing objective third-party thinking, Stu is helping dealers with the big decisions that keep them awake at night. For those dealers it is often helpful, and a relief, to talk through a scenario with someone who can relate, advise and, if necessary, facilitate.


You May Be Asking Yourself:
  • Should I dive deeper into the business and invest more capital and time in an effort to grow and remain competitive?

  • Is it time to take my money off the table, exit the business, and do   something else with my life?

  • Should I bring in a working partner and, if I do, how do I maintain the level of trust and control to which I have become accustomed? 

  • If I bring in a family member, can I objectively say that he/she will have the true commitment, desire, and capability to run and grow the business?

  • How do I structure an appropriate succession plan?

  • If I decide to exit, do I have a real strategy in place on how to do that?

  • How do I exit the business gracefully without stressing-out? 


These are the kinds of questions that dealers go over and over in their minds. Stu understands that decisions like these require time, patience, focus, and objectivity. The ability to listen to a dealer, discuss an appropriate course of action, and implement an organized plan is Stu’s forte. He offers simple visionary thinking and establishes a logical road map and timeline. He has done this successfully for years and is acknowledged by dealers and manufacturers alike as a calming, well-connected force in a most complex industry.


Whether representing a single or multiple-point dealer, Lasser Advisory Services offers objective, third party thinking and planning -- invaluable assets to any dealer.